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WeightWatchers (WW) Review 2023: I Tried It for 30 Days

What is WeightWatchers?

WeightWatchers, or WW, is a weight-loss program that has been around for nearly 60 years and provides a more long-term approach to managing weight and improving health. WW’s Point system promotes moderation in eating and physical activity in place of a focus on fast weight reduction.

The WW program starts with a thorough evaluation of your objectives and health data in order to determine your starting point point value. WW determines your daily and monthly point totals based on your weight at the beginning of the program, your weight loss objective, and your dietary choices.

How Does WeightWatchers Work?

The First Steps
Get started right away by getting the WW free weight reduction program. Then, pick from two distinct subscription packages. Although I used the Endless Classes + Digital plan, I appreciate that you can select a different plan based on your preferences, financial situation, and fitness objectives.

Options and Prices for Digital Subscriptions
Costs as little as $3 a week*
Having a guide available via the program and conversation at all times
Features such as a monthly success summary, simulated exercises, and food preparation are included in the customized plan.
Free Online Courses Plus Media Access
Costs as little as $6 a week*
App use, which includes all of the benefits of the Digital plan plus access to WW’s in-person and online support groups and seminars

My WeightWatchers Do’s and Don’ts

I made a summary of what to do and what not to do on the WW program, based on the advice of my guide and my own experience. Lots of the things you can do will also help you save money.


Making a dinner plan in advance can help you stick to your points limit. If you know you’ll be spending a lot of points at an impending social gathering, you can modify your daily allocation accordingly (birthday dinners, happy hours, etc.).
Make use of your zero-point items by including them in your regular diet.
Take in plenty of fluids (WW advises at least 60 oz. throughout the day)
Keep moving and busy all week long.
Boost your average everyday walk total.


Take an all-or-nothing approach. Try not to let going over by a small amount on your daily spending throw you off course. You can only do your best for tomorrow. Alternately, you can increase your point total by participating in any of the many WW programs that support safe and effective weight reduction (walking, chores, drinking a cup of water, etc.).
Don’t waste your points on anything but the most indulgent dinner.
Let your monitoring fall behind. It’s simple to forget to log a meal or two when you’re pressed for time, but you should really avoid this. The resulting lack of precision will prohibit you from achieving the desired outcomes. Inconsistent monitoring on my side accounted for most of the days I accumulated too many points.

Does WeightWatchers Work?

I didn’t quite drop 5 pounds after a month on the regimen, but I did feel like my body was changing for the better. My stomach felt flatter, and I had more energy. I learned a lot about creating healthy, satisfying dinners from WW, and that was more important to me than watching my weight.

Even though I didn’t meet my numerical weight-loss target on WW, I still give the program a 4 in this category because I believe it promotes healthy weight loss and goal planning. On the weekends, I was less diligent about monitoring my intake and adhering to my points limit, which hampered my efforts to lose weight. Although I got off track, my guide helped me make a swift and effective course correction within the framework of the detailed plan she provided.

Final Takeaway

Overall, I had a great time on the WeightWatchers program, and I would suggest it to anyone who wants to lose weight or start living better in a lasting, well-rounded way. The dishes were good, and the degree of community and customization was helpful. WeightWatchers provides several plan choices, all of which are cheaper than the majority of weight reduction plans available today.

If keeping track of your every bite, calorie, and serving size is too much of a trigger or just not feasible for you, try going with your gut instead. If you’re having trouble keeping track of what you eat, a program that teaches you how to put together healthy dinners could be a better option.

Nonetheless, I discovered that the WeightWatchers program actually embodied the principles they advocate for, such as a focus on healthy eating, social interaction, the recognition of accomplishments, and the acceptance of setbacks. So, try this method out if you believe it could work with your routine.

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