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Skillshare review 2023: is skillshare worth it ?

skillshare reivew 2023

what is skillshare

To be sure, the online learning community Skill Sharing doesn’t offer a course titled “How to Love Learning,” but if you’re serious about utilizing their platform to expand your horizons, you probably already have.

We now see the platform as it really is: a booming marketplace for educational institutions and their respective staffs.
It has been marketing itself as an online platform for supplementary education ever since it was launched about a decade ago. We choose to try out Premium Access on Skillshare, and we can’t wait to share our findings with you.
Read on to see our complete – and honest – Skillshare talent review

Is Skillshare legal?

SkillShare is a virtual education provider. It entered the market in 2010, and as of this writing, it has earned 4.1 out of 5 stars on Trustpilot.
There are a few unfavorable Skillshare reviews online, as there are for many organizations that deal with thousands of customers. Sometimes, it seems like they’re talking about subscribers who have forgotten to cancel their subscription.
Further information on this topic is provided below.

How much does it cost to share skills monthly?

What does Skillshare cost? After the first month, both the Basic and Premium memberships cost $1 for two months. Once the free trial of Premium finishes, you’ll be charged $ 19 a month or $ 99 upfront for a whole year, which works out to $8.25 per month.

Is Skillshare accreditation?

Yet, Skillshare has not been recognized as legitimate by any governing body inside the academic community. This is in contrast to platforms like Coursera and eDx, which provide courses in partnership with established institutions and businesses.
Users of Skillshare are strongly encouraged to document and discuss the assignments they complete for each course, which hints that this may be an other means of establishing context.

how to make money on skillshare?

Yes! The instructors of Skillshare have two options to make money:

  1. By receiving monthly royalty payments determined by the total amount of time students spend engaged with your course material over the previous month.
    Two, by having premium members pay ten dollars for each new student they bring in.
    Skillshare may be a reliable source of monthly revenue if you maintain a schedule of course creation and student referrals.

is skillshare good?

You can get a lot out of Skillshare as a learning resource. In exchange for $15.00 USD per month or $99.00 USD per year, you may see as many of the more than 20,000 courses as you choose.
If you’re interested, you can sign up for a free membership or a free trial.
It’s easy and fun to learn something new in a classroom, workshop, or LIVE setting.

Are the Skill Sharing Courses Free?

Go through Skillshare’s free resources. Classes are available for people of all skill levels, so whether you’re just starting out or have years of experience under your belt, you can always learn something new.
The first month of a Skillshare Premium Membership is on the house.

How about a free trial of skillshare?

length of time equaling three months You may try out Skillshare for three months without having to commit to joining the community by taking advantage of their free trial.
Have you have the option to download the skill sharing videos?
By downloading our applications for iOS and Android, Premium users may access the site without an internet connection.
To download the course materials, just access the page while online and click the corresponding Download Class button. After you’ve finished downloading the course materials, you may view any video whenever you choose without an internet connection.
Experience the thrill of traveling with your knowledge!

Do talents equate to credentials?

Yet, if you want to prove that you’ve finished a course without paying for a certification, uploading a project you worked on in class is a terrific option.
In addition, you’ll be able to showcase yet another impressive design in your portfolio.

What are the best free resources to view how-to videos?

1.Start your two-month, no-cost Skillshare Premium trial.
2.Work as a teaching aide in an environment that encourages skill-sharing.
Apply for Skillshare’s financial aid programs.

  1. Participate in skill-sharing competitions.
    Get hold of no-cost entry points.
    Recommend a friend! 6.
    To number seven, sign up for a free account at Skillshare.
    What is the price tag on knowledge sharing?
    Any member of a Skillshare Team may have a Premium membership for the same yearly price of $99, or $999 for the whole team.

In what ways might Skillshare help me?

With up to 30,000 options, you may study everything from photography to needlework.
Business writing, creative writing, and self-publishing are all types of writing.
Accounting and Finance – from basic bookkeeping to software-specific accounting classes.
Computer programming, including but not limited to application and data science. Training in everyday life skills; topics range from cooking to language study.
While completing this skill summary, I utilized the search tool to look for a broad variety of subjects, from “MacOS” to “Garageband” and from “independent rates” to “accounting”.
However, there were plenty of classes for me to choose from.

Famous Skillshare Teachers

Champions of knowledge exchange among the world’s most renowned experts Among the most well-known authors contributing to the site are:. Entrepreneurship and name recognition expert Marc Ecko. Business and entrepreneurship as explained by Seth Godin. The Young Guru of Recording and Sound Mixing. an inscription by essica Hische A guy who knows a thing or two about starting businesses is Guy Kawasaki. Graphic design by Paula Scher. Illustration and ink work by Yuko Shimizu.
Compare and contrast Lynda and skillshare.

Is there anything superior than Udemy in terms of sharing one’s skills?

SkillShare vs. Udemy: Despite the fact that the benefit is not very significant, I must return it to Udemy. It’s more cost-effective and its comprehensive approach helps students learn more quickly and acquire marketable skills.
But if you’d rather go with the Buffet Plan, you can still use Skillshare successfully.

How can educators participate in the #skillshare initiative?

To get started on your lesson plan, go over to There is no need to submit paperwork or wait for permission. Prepare your Skillshare course at your own speed and release it whenever you’re ready.
If you want to know how to make your Skillshare classes shine, check out our comprehensive Teacher’s Handbook

1: Lots of high quality courses Many Skillshare courses are taught using high-quality videography and video editing skills.
Many instructors are very knowledgeable about the topics they teach.
2: 30-day free trial The 30-day free trial period is enough time to explore the class, learn about the different varieties of teaching, and find out if the classes will be of value to you as a learner.
3: Very reasonable monthly Premium plan cost of $ 8.25-12.00 If you pay for Skillshare annually, the plan will be around $ 98.99 per year, but if you choose to pay monthly, the plan will be $ 15.00 per month.

1: Harder to browse at first glance When you go to Skillshare and type in the search bar, it will populate the available courses, but the search results do not contain enough information to determine the quality of the course at a glance.
On other course platforms (such as Udemy), you can see how many students have enrolled, reviews (1-5 stars) which is the best-selling, and more information to help you make your purchasing decision.
By comparison, in the case of Skillshare, after filling in the search results, you have to take an extra step to analyze the information to see if the individual course is worth your time.

2: Quality varies and teaching styles vary Courses vary in length (some only 10 minutes and some hours), teaching style and quality.
As the platform is an open source learning platform, you can choose your preferred learning styles rather than Skillshare by creating instructor guidelines.
You may find that this variation is pro or con. I think variation in odds can be both an advantage and a disadvantage; depending on the situation.

3: Open Marketplace and instructors are not verified Skillshare does not verify its instructors, which means anyone can become an instructor!
I haven’t personally seen problems with the instructors there, but some online reviews mention the instructors babble and so on, rather than providing valuable information – it’s something to watch out for.

4: Fewer business grades than competitors like Udemy While I haven’t done a review yet, Udemy is without a doubt my favorite learning platform. They offer many more classes, however Skillshare is a much newer company and the course offerings are growing day by day!
Skillshare teaches several business classes on key topics that entrepreneurs need to know and learn.

5: You are not the course owner This is the main drawback for me, but it compares to Netflix, Amazon Prime, and other companies that use the subscription business model.
After you terminate your subscription, you will lose access to all courses. The subscription model may work better or worse for you. You may have access to watch thousands of courses for just one small price, or you may like a model like Udemy where you pay for each course and have lifetime access.
It’s a preference. I like both.

Skillshare workshop:

Skillshare is an interactive skill-sharing workshop. In addition to the traditional lecture format, workshops provide a more hands-on approach to education.
They are timed, require pupils to complete a list of activities, and include extensive group work. Beyond the discipline of viewing training videos and reading supplementary information, this is a fantastic approach to introduce a bit more responsibility.

Assistance for skillshare users:

Although though there is a wealth of information available in the form of a knowledge base, FAQs, and how-to articles, the ticket system is the only reliable method for receiving actual help.
It’s a pity, and I’d appreciate it if they offered live chat and phone assistance as well.

Top 20 alternatives and competitors for skill sharing
5.Khan Academy
11.Infosec Skills
12.CBT Nuggets
14.HubSpot Academy
15.Cloud Academy
16.A Cloud Guru
20.Auzmor Learn

The groups were a late addition to the Skillshare platform in response to the growth of its vast community.
After all, navigating millions of other users of the platform in order to find peers is not an easy task! Now you can instantly connect with like-minded people to learn more, stay up to date with current industry trends, and to establish general contacts and networking.
Groups can be a great tool for further challenging your own skill development as well as the added benefit of peer review.

  • Creative: Animators ~ 4800
  • Writers ~ 6,200
  • Creative Business Owners ~ 10,700
  • Digital Marketers ~ 8700
  • Filmmakers ~ 4,000
  • Procreate ~ 2000
  • Musicians ~ 3000
  • Illustrators ~ 12,000
  • UX / UX designers ~ 3500
  • Graphic artists ~ 10.000
  • Photographers ~ 8,000
  • Painters and Sketch Artists ~ 4800
  • Watercolor Lovers ~ 5000


  • UI / UX designers ~ 3000
  • Developers ~ 4500
  • Creative Coding Community (new)


  • Skill Sharing Teachers ~ 3800
  • Entrepreneurs and Small Business Owners ~ 7,500
  • Creative company owners ~ 11,000
  • Digital Marketers ~ 9,000
  • Freelancers ~ 6000
  • Productivity Tips ~ 9000
  • Lifestyle: Craftsmen ~ 3000
  • Calligraphers ~ 6000


Proposal After finishing my Skillshare evaluation, I can’t help but return to my initial description of the platform as “Netflix for learning.” The price of approximately 30,000 courses with unlimited access for less than $10 per month is quite attractive, yet the quality of these courses varies widely. On the other hand, this abundance of options may be problematic for certain people.
It’s easy to see students flitting from one elective to another without ever settling on a focus. While these courses will teach you new abilities, they will not add credibility to your resume since they are not “official” (even if some are developed by corporations and industry names).
Everyone who puts in the time and effort to learn something new and then uses that information to improve their lives will succeed in any online training course.
Whether or if you fall into this category significantly affects how well Skillshare will serve your needs.

Just the opportunity to learn new things has convinced me that Skillshare is worthwhile.
A monthly charge of less than ten dollars is a steal for access to detailed plans and the chance to network with like-minded people and subject matter experts.
Whether you’re looking to boost your resume with stellar competition talents or turn your passion into a full-time vocation, YOU are the one who must decide which classes will benefit YOU the most.
Members of Skillshare may learn a great deal more than simply new skills from their courses. You will rediscover your enthusiasm for science, make friends with other bright and driven individuals who will push you to improve, and maybe even develop an unhealthy obsession with knowledge.

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