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Namecheap Hosting review 2023: A Top Domain Registrar

1.What is Namecheap Hosting and how does it work?

In this piece, we’ll examine Namecheap’s hosting options for the year 2023. To now, Namecheap hosting in 2023 has been the best low-cost hosting option available worldwide. Initial Year of Shared Hosting for 51% Off!

All the information you need to know about Namecheap Hosting’s features and pricing can be found on this page. Namecheap hosting has built up a three million-strong clientele over the course of its 18-year history. When it comes to managed WordPress hosting, Namecheap hosting 2022 is one of the cheapest and easiest options available.

2.Is Namecheap Hosting any good?

6 Advantages of Namecheap Hosting

  1. Reasonably quick average response time
  2. Multiple domains are permitted.
  3. A large amount of disk space
  4. Email accounts that are completely free
  5. No charge for site migration
  6. Money-back guarantee for 30 days

Namecheap hosting 2023 is the most simple, beautiful, and low-cost option.

GoDaddy or Namecheap: which is better?

Domain administration is a breeze with Namecheap as well. There is no better value than GoDaddy because of their free backups and SSL certificates. While GoDaddy’s plans may offer more total storage space, for the vast majority of users, that space is unnecessary, making Namecheap the better choice due to their superior customer service and support.

Is Namecheap based in Russia?

Namecheap does not employ Russians. In Ukraine, they have set up their main help desk and chat service. Most of their business actually takes place in Europe. Business like this doesn’t just happen in the United States.

Is it legal to buy a domain name from Namecheap?

Namecheap guarantees their hosting services will be up and running at all times, and their servers are fast and reliable. Quickly and easily create your own website using one of Namecheap’s many site builder programs.

Is hosting available through Namecheap?

Shared hosting, WordPress hosting, and e-commerce hosting are all services that Namecheap offers its customers. What is the difference between a Namecheap domain and a regular domain?

Founded in 2000 by current CEO Richard Kirkendall, Namecheap is an ICANN-accredited domain registrar with headquarters in Los Angeles. More than 500,000 clients are serviced, and millions of domains are administered. Namecheap is an industry leader in both domain name registration and web hosting.

Is SSL provided by Namecheap for free?

Namecheap will instantly apply the free SSL certificate to your account if you buy hosting from them. If you refer your domain to our hosting name servers, our Namecheap SSL plugin will activate automatically.

What is the procedure for deleting my Namecheap domain?

Select Manage next to the web host your domain is associated with. Click the Cancel service button that appears next to the package. To cancel your application, fill out the cancellation form and select “I understand, please consider my request”> “Submit application.”

Namecheap Hosting’s Best Features in 2023

Now we’ll go through the advantages of Namecheap hosting.

  1. Cost-Effective:

Fast, secure, and high-performing hosting services are yours from Namecheap in 2022 for only $2.88 a month. You may, for instance, get 50% off the renewal price of PositiveSSL certificates and a free certificate for the first year. If you have found your way to Hostinger’s main page. If you go with them, you can expect cheap hosting rates. It has a surprisingly affordable service package.

Namecheap hosting review

2023 offered a 30 day money refund guarantee, which we took use of. Moreover, a real domain name will be provided to you. You may make reservations at a discount and see your balance rise. If you’re looking for a cheap option, Hostinger is it. In addition, Namecheap Hosting has built a dependable and safe environment in which to host your website.

With Namecheap hosting 2023, we save time and effort. Namecheap deserves credit for helping make this happen. We’ve finally found a hosting company willing to cut our rates by 25%, and it’s name cheap.

  1. Simple and Quick Onboarding

The Onboarding Process Should Be Straightforward and Quick

Namecheap hosting in 2022 is the most convenient and stylish option. Use of it has been simplified. Right after you sign up, you’ll get a welcome email and be able to access the site right away.

  1. Show your support for Namecheap hosting.

At 2022, support is accessible anytime, day or night.

Just a minute is all you need to feel connected.

  1. Backup Alternatives

With NameCheap hosting in 2022, you get unrestricted access to the backup feature. The free c panel backup offered by Namecheap is superior to all others.

  1. Reliability

Namecheap’s web hosting services are lightning fast and trustworthy, with a 99.9% uptime guarantee. Sharing hosting packages were discounted by 73%, and we received a further discount of 25% since this was our first hosting purchase with them.

  1. Domain Registrar

The fact that Namecheap, a domain registrar, is giving us a discount of 25% on our first hosting purchase is a huge help. What is the difference between a Namecheap private email address and a Namecheap public email address?

Namecheap’s Private Email is a high-end email client that gives you more flexibility and customization options. Many company owners like private email because it is more secure, however professional Internet email is when a cloud mail server handles both incoming and outgoing email.

Which of the NameCheap plans should I choose?

You should start out with the more affordable option, as suggested by me. If the need arises, updates may be made at a later date. Moving up to a more costly plan? NameCheap can help with that, too. A multiplication in visitors takes more time than expected, so only invest heavily if absolutely necessary. It’s possible that your requirements are unique, in which case you should consult with a NameCheap hosting expert. 50% OFF Namecheap Hosting 2023 offers three plans: 1. Stealler 2. Stealler plus 3. Stealler enterprise SSD Plan.

Stealler (Stealler):

  1. a monthly fee of $1.44
  2. SSD disk space of 20 GB

3.Bandwidth that is unmetered

  1. Make use of three websites
  2. Control panel ePanel

Plus Stealler

  1. Monthly payment of $2.44
  2. SSD Disk Space with No Limits
  3. Bandwidth that is unmetered
  4. an unrestricted website

5.ePanel is a control panel for ePanel.

Stealler business SSD Plan :

1.4.44$ per month

  1. 50 GB of SSD storage space
  2. bandwidth that is unmetered
  3. an unrestricted website

5.ePanel is a control panel for ePanel.

The following hosting coupons are available from Namecheap hosting.

Here are some options:

  1. They provided a 73% discount on shared hosting plans.
  2. Get a 32 percent discount on VPS hosting
  3. On 24 different websites, you can get $3.98 off. has a 4.8% market share. received 5.3.88 percent of the vote.

  1., you can get a 90% discount. domains are 7.21 percent discounted.

  1. STORE domains are 8.96% off.
  2. Green Bar Single-domain EV SSL is now $9.50 off.
  3. VPN Service at a Discount of 10.68%
  4. Dedicated Servers are discounted by 11.50 percent.
  5. Security Products are discounted by 12.54 percent.

Bonus features:

NameCheap’s plans include a lot of useful features, however there are a few perks that are left out.

For instance, you may see that the time allotted for requesting a refund is really little. Only for the next 14 days can you purchase a name for the low, low price of NameCheap. Corporate rivals like as HostGator, on the other hand, provide a 45-day money-back guarantee. Similar services from other rivals, such InMotion, Web Hosting Hub, and DreamHost, provide a money-back guarantee of at least ninety days.

Some of its improvements, like the dedicated IP addresses needed for SSL certifications, might be expensive. While many companies would provide one at no cost or for a little price, NameCheap will charge you $24 yearly. Although none of them are deal-breakers, purchasers should be aware of them nevertheless.

Namecheap hosting 2023 is offering a special deal where students can receive free domains. They provide free domains to students. There is no need for students to have a Namecheap discount code to take advantage of this offer. Therefore, one of the best domain registrars and hosting companies is Namecheap in 2023

In 2023, the pros and cons of using Namecheap Hosting

(1) A great place to start.

As many as three websites may be hosted for as little as $2.88 per month.

Namecheap’s offer is beneficial and uncommon since most of the other companies I’ve researched limit their basic plans to just one website. If you’re looking to host two or three somewhat large websites, I think the lowest Namecheap package is amazing value for the money. free migrations, among other liberties

2.Namecheap offers a free website migration service.

Migrating your existing cPanel site to Namecheap is quick, easy, and needs minimal work on your behalf.

Simply authorize Namecheap’s hosting professionals to access your existing cPanel, and they’ll take care of the rest. They will operate autonomously, requiring neither your assistance nor any downtime, from start to finish. Still, even if that’s the case, we’re talking about a wait of no more than 15 minutes at most.

3.a reasonable pricing structure

When it comes time to renew, Namecheap’s renewal fee does not rise much, unlike many other web providers. In light of the fact that the ridiculously low prices offered by certain businesses are impossible to maintain, I find this to be a welcome change.

You may end up paying for this site for many years to come if it becomes successful. GoDaddy and HostGator, both web hosting providers, adopt the tactic of charging a cheap initial charge followed by a much higher renewal fee. Namecheap’s prices are stable.

4. free backups

With every Namecheap subscription, you get free backup storage. Only the biggest corporations do backups every day, but even once a week is fair given that backups are costless. With so many potential uses for backups, this is particularly important for websites. Multiple factors need regular backups, including site redesigns, broken plugins, and malicious intrusions.

5 – Outstanding Domain Name Registration Options

If you look for 2019 Namecheap reviews without specifying that you want hosting, you will get a clear idea of the registrar’s quality. Absolutely, that’s the case.

I can say with confidence, however, that Namecheap is excellent. As the best domain registrar, they provide the most TLD options, a user-friendly interface, and tempting deals.

6. a sweet spot for users

Namecheap has an excellent user interface. It has a minimal design yet gives a plethora of data at a glance. Options are presented clearly, and the product itself is easy to administer. The number of upsells is minimal, and the interfaces for managing payments, domains, and hosting accounts are as straightforward as is humanly possible. Using two-factor authentication, you can keep your Namecheap account safe and secure for the long haul.

7.What a great update page

No doubt Namecheap is down or undergoing maintenance at the moment.

The status page provides a wealth of information. There you’ll find promotions for things like server upgrades, network monitoring, email hosting, and domain registration. I like how helpful they are, and how often they release new versions.

8.Bitcoin Dealings

This has nothing to do with site hosting, but I think it’s fantastic that digital services may be purchased with actual digital money.

Namecheap’s disadvantages

Namecheap hosting has a few flaws. Even if there are other aspects of the product that may be improved, this usually relates to average speed and uptime.

1 Boost from SSDs:

As I was doing research for my Namecheap evaluation, I came across the phrase “SSD acceleration” for the first time. If there is no advertising coverup, then the hosting is not on SSD servers.

Because SSDs are so much quicker than traditional hard drives, this may be the reason why my Stellar Plus plan isn’t functioning as effectively as it should.

2.Inadequate space for:

50 GB of solid-state drive (SSD) space seems to be plenty, and 20 GB on three sides is a lot.

However, many of their rivals do not put reasonable limitations on how much space an account may use so long as it does not breach the terms of service.

  1. a dearth of data centers:

The firm not only offers colocation services in the UK, but also operates a data center in Phoenix, Arizona. The second option is more costly. Most of the other big hosts have three or more data centers of their own.

We hope you’ll be happy to know that using Namecheap for hosting in 2021 is lot easier than you would think. The learning curve for this tool is minimal. Here, no cost themes are readily available for download and installation.

2023 Namecheap hosting is lightning fast and loads pages quickly.

Briefly said, hosting services like Namecheap’s have a lot to offer modern businesses. Because of how easy it is to use, everyone can benefit from it.

Namecheap’s Core Values and Company Image

the 2023 reputation and principles of Namecheap Hostng It has already been established that Namecheap Hosting is an independently owned and run company.

In the computer industry, where a few of corporations dominate the bulk of hosting providers, this is an extremely unusual event. On the other side, having complete autonomy and secrecy isn’t always preferable. On the other hand, it’s not necessarily a bad thing for hosting companies to fall into the hands of large corporations.

Namecheap Hosting 2023 stands out from the competition because to the company’s commitment to openness and the clarity with which it defines its brand principles. They are notorious for producing enormous confusion among professionals. It’s great when a business is honest about everything, including the prices and services they provide. I like that they include hosting solutions that interest me and that their renewal fees are advertised publicly.


Namecheap’s hosting 2023 customer service starts with an easily navigable information base.

It’s organized into digestible chunks, and it addresses both basic questions (such “How do I renew my domain?”) and more complicated concepts. Regarding more specific questions (“DNSSEC management for domains specified by custom DNS”).

Most of these pieces are rather extensive and comprehensive. Namecheap 2021 hosting users have the option of posting messages in the support center and reading those sent by other users. This is a common way to get answers to specific questions concerning the content of an article from the Namecheap team, which is subsequently made available to the public (Namecheap does not appear to remove negative comments).

Even though they don’t provide phone support, Namecheap has a live chat option and a ticketing system for when you need help. We tested it with a simple question, and we got a precise answer in under 30 minutes. Namecheap hosting 2023 outperformed the competition, but we cannot guarantee this will continue to be the case in more difficult, real-world conditions.

In spite of this, our server testing showed that this was not the case. monitored our test site every five minutes during the week, and although it was always available, the average response time was a dismal 718 milliseconds (ms), with a variation of 625 ms to 1.55 ms. Our current 10th host (DreamHost) averaged 274 ms throughout testing, with a range of 235-465 ms, whereas the bulk of the original shared hosting plans ranged between 200 and 400 ms.

And when compared to other free services, it stands out. While this is a drawback, it’s important to remember that we only look at the cheapest plans from each provider and the vast majority are far more costly than Namecheap. Hosting with Liquid Web is $19 per month, Media Temple is $16.67, and Namecheap is $1.44 per month; these prices make sense as a performance cost.

Namecheap might be a suitable option if speed isn’t a priority and price is. I realize this is a drawback, however bear in mind Namecheap has the lowest prices after comparing the lowest plans from all the providers. Hosting with Liquid Web is $19 per month, Media Temple is $16.67, and Namecheap is $1.44 per month; these prices make sense as a performance cost. Choose Namecheap if saving cash is your primary concern and the service speed meets your requirements.

That choice is still open to you.

Service to the customer:

Assistance to Clients Evaluation of customer service is challenging. What is happening in the background is murky at best. The same holds true for figuring out whether the firm will be helpful when you contact them. When looking for reviews of a company online, you will find either exaggeratedly negative encounters or overly positive ones.

The problem with anecdotes is that it’s impossible to tell whether what you’re reading is significant or just a fluke. Instead, customers should look for indications that the company values customer service or views it as an expense. Does this have any bearing on whether or not the company’s priority is to increase long-term, satisfied consumers or short-term profits?

NameCheap vs. iPage

Web Hosting Comparison: iPage vs. NameCheap HostGator’s cheap hosting comes courtesy of a sister firm called iPage. Although Endurance International owns this company, it does not seem to be as actively invested as Endurance International was with HostGator. IPage seems to exist primarily to provide users with free or almost free hosting in the short term.

Those on a tight budget will appreciate this, but it comes at the expense of efficiency and satisfaction for regular customers. Namecheap is my go-to web server, despite iPage’s many features.

Domain Name Service Comparison: NameCheap vs. HostGator

Web Hosting: NameCheap vs. HostGator In the hosting industry, HostGator needs no introduction. This firm, like iPage and Bluehost, is owned by Endurance International.

HostGator, a product of Endurance International, is lauded for its optimal harmony of helpful customer service, affordable rates over the long term, and enough functionality. Hostgator offers superior customer service, faster speeds, and less restrictions than its competitors. But if you’re just starting out with a single little site and don’t anticipate a lot of traffic, NameCheap is a great option. Large-scale website builders will find HostGator to be the most beneficial service.


If you don’t want a lot of space for your websites, NameCheap Hosting 2023 is a great option. Of course, you should go elsewhere if you have more stringent needs. In my experience, they consistently performed below the averages for speed, uptime, and customer service. For just a little bit extra money, you can have hosting that is light years ahead of what they provide. Visit Namecheap, on the other hand, if saving money is a top concern.

In conclusion, in my opinion, NameCheap hosting is a great option for people trying to save money on their hosting. If you’re just getting started with a small website and are more concerned with costs than storage space, then Namecheap hosting in 2020 is your best bet. Namecheap has several useful options. You must carefully read the TACs before registering, as there may be important information hidden there. Research everything carefully before making a decision because the money-back guarantee only lasts 30 days.

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