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Hostgator review: Is HostGator the best for hosting a website?

1.what is Hostgator?

With 99.98% uptime over the last 24 months, HostGator is always evolving while being one of the biggest and oldest hosting providers in the market.
A free domain name and SSL certificate are included in the price of even their most basic shared hosting package.
In addition, their live chat service is excellent, connecting in seconds and providing prompt responses to any questions.

However, they were let down by HostGator’s average page load time (average 1191 ms). Fees will be added on for a plethora of optional extras like data backup and security.
Not only that, but once the first term ends, the renewal rates increase dramatically.

Here’s how they fared on our practice exam, as measured by an independent third party (Pingdom) and detailed below.
When it comes to web hosting, Hostgator is a top contender. Millions of domain names are hosted on Hostgator, making it one of the most reliable web hosts around.

2.What function does Hostgator serve?

Why is Hostgator important? Hostgator is a company that offers hosting for websites and blogs on the Internet. Getting a domain name online is easy with the help of Hostgator.

You’ll need both a virtual host and a domain name to publish your website or blog online.
Hostgator is great because not only do they host your website, but they also supply you with a domain name!

3.Is Hostgator a fraud or is it legit?

This question may be answered by saying either that Hostgator is not a scam or that Hostgator is lawful. Hostgator is not a fraud in any way. So that’s why.

For more than 15 years, Hostgator has been one of the most successful and widely used web hosting providers.
In a difficult industry, the Better Business Bureau awarded Hostgator its highest possible A+ rating. Around eight million domains are now hosted on Hostgator’s servers.

It covers a wide range of topics. Obtaining a flawless A+ rating from the Better Business Council is difficult.

If Hostgator is a fraud, the company will never be legitimate and get an A+ rating from the BBB. They’ll never make the cut among the best web hosts.
Hostgator is great for me, however there are a few things I need to comment about. Their cloud hosting solution is what this blog uses, and it’s excellent.

Let’s get a handle on what Hostgator is before we dig into the arguments for and against whether it’s a scam or not.

4.Is HostGator a reliable platform for online stores?

All of HostGator’s packages are well-suited for online stores. There is no tier where SSL certificates, shopping carts, or payment gateways are not supported. Your online store’s goals are the starting point for selecting the best strategy.
That’s a lot of what? How many distinct types are there? How many pictures are there in total? Does your online storefront have any promotional tools at present? Do you have any idea how many people will visit

your online store?

If you’re looking to set up an online store, your choice of hosting package will determine a number of factors.

It’s been said that the greatest bang for the buck is a well-thought-out company strategy. The business plan includes a free positive SSL update, a free dedicated IP, a free domain, and a suite of search engine optimization (SEO) tools at no extra cost.
Even if the business plan is helpful, you may discover that your online store is more popular than you anticipated.
In this instance, your online shop will be best served by a virtual private server (VPS) or a dedicated server.

We’ll discuss hosting packages and touch on a few of e-most commerce’s important aspects in this piece.

Web space that is shared by several users.

A website creator called Gator.

Hosting on the cloud.

VPS hosting.

Private, Dedicated Server Hosting

E-commerce hosting package overview:

Shared web hosting

HostGator In order to get your e-commerce firm up and running quickly, you should look into shared hosting and the many features it offers. Anyone looking to create an online business will find a lot of useful tools in shared plans. Unlimited storage space, no monthly fees, and a free domain name are just a few of the perks.
The business plan offers the most value since it includes a positive SSL update, a dedicated IP address, a free domain name, and a set of SEO tools that will help you through the process of optimizing your site for search engines at no additional cost.

One of the Shared Web Hosting plans may accommodate your financial requirements and provide you with the possibility to set up an online shop if you so choose. You may use WordPress, the HostGator Website Builder, Weebly, and other CMS wizards that are available for installation with Softaculous on a shared web hosting plan to create an e-commerce website.
Browse the resources below to find out more about shared web hosting:.
Web space that is shared by several users.
Paradoxes of shared vs dedicated hosting

Gator site builder

With our drag-and-drop wizard, creating an online store is as simple as dragging and dropping elements. This wizard’s e-commerce features are provided by the Gator eCommerce package. It’s easy to keep track of stock using Shop Gator Website Builder, and there’s also a shipping/tax calculator and discount vouchers.
You may link up with Shippo to get up-to-the-minute shipping quotes for the goods you sell online.

Here are some links to further information about the eCommerce Gator Website Builder package I use:.

A website creator called Gator.

Plan Comparison for the Gator Website Creator.

How to Use the Gator Website Builder: Commonly Asked Questions

Cloud hosting

Cloud hosting is preferable for e-commerce sites with heavy traffic because of its scalability. Benefit from unlimited domains, an SSL certificate, a dedicated IP address, and 6 GB of storage space with the Cloud Hosting Business Plan.

For a list of cloud web hosting features, please click on the following links:
.Cloud versus shared hosting – what’s the difference? (Blog)
.Cloud hosting

VPS hosting

VPS Hosting has all the advantages of a dedicated server without the expense. It offers up to 8GB of RAM, 160GB of disk space, 3TB of bandwidth, and numerous security levels.

Listed below are some resources that might assist you in your search for a VPS host:
Virtual Private Server Hosting

Dedicated Hosting

HostGator Dedicated Server offers cutting-edge DDOS protection at the data center level and an IP-based firewall to ensure the security and peak performance of your server.

Use the following links to find out more about HostGator’s dedicated hosting options:.

Web space on a private server.

Frequently Asked Questions about Dedicated Server Hosting.

Solutions that are controlled or just partly handled

Why HostGator is the Best?

Cloud hosting at low prices is a major selling point for HostGator.
Cloud hosting is available for a little premium on top of each of their standard hosting plans.
You’ll have twice the speed and four times the resources of a common strategy with this setup.

Is HostGator safe?

HostGator takes precautions to ensure that your account is safe from intrusion.
General server security, however, cannot protect your website or account information from hackers who get access via compromised passwords or software flaws.

Where is HostGator cPanel?

For cPanel in the client area, please refer to the instructions below.
To access the customer portal, please log in. To access cPanel for a specific Shared or Cloud hosting plan, you may do so from the dashboard.
Start cPanel by selecting the button labeled with the name of your hosting plan.

A Guide to Using HostGator.

Welcome to HostGator!
Step 1: Define your needs. Getting started with your hosting account isn’t complicated. …
Step 2: Change your DNS
Step 3: loading the website
Step 4: Make a note of these useful links.
Step 5: Get more from your hosting account
Step 6: Get Help.
Step 7: Manage Billing

How do I pay with Hostgator?

  • Explain the process for using PayPal or a credit card.
  • On the Billing page, choose a payment option.
  • Choose the bills that need to be paid.
  • Choose Your Preferred Payment Option
  • Once everything checks up, you may choose your preferred mode of payment.
  • Select Please send a payment.

Does HostGator have a website builder?

HostGator’s website builder, the HostGator Website Builder, is included at no additional cost in all shared hosting plans and is a breeze to use.
Nothing has to be saved or uploaded, and the whole operation can be done in a matter of minutes.

How to publish your website on HostGator?

The primary menu of the website builder is located in the upper right hand corner of the display.
The term Publish may be seen within the toolbar in most versions of the program. When you click Publish, a window will display with more guidelines.

To initiate changes to your website’s mobile version:
To access the customer portal, please log in.
To modify your hosting plan, go to the Hosting menu, choose it from the drop-down list, and then click Manage.
Choose Manage from the Site Builder menu.
To make changes, choose the Site Edit option.
Access the Mobile option by clicking the tab at the top of the editor.

  1. A normal rate of travel. The average reaction time was 0.70 seconds, which is acceptable (11th). Complete charging takes a reasonable 1.28 seconds, placing it in the top 10 in its category. Inconclusive under a load of 9.43 s (10th place)


To begin our performance testing, we created a basic static website on our HostGator account and monitored its availability and response time with the help of the Uptime website for a whole week.

Our server has had 100% uptime during the monitored time. That’s to be expected after just a week of testing, but it’s encouraging nevertheless.
A 378 ms average response time places it in the back end of the primary shared hosting market (most providers average between 200-400 ms.)

Even in HostGator’s “worst case,” there is good news. With a worst response time of 556 ms over over 2,000 tests, it performs quite well compared to many hosts (the current average from our last 30 reviews is 891 ms). We double-checked everything by running the Dotcom-Tools site performance test from 16 different locations in the US and Europe.
Compared to the competition, this resulted in a far more respectable 870 ms page load time, putting it in the upper half of the shared hosting field.

As exciting as this is for HostGator, it’s important to keep in mind that these ratings are based on the most affordable shared hosting plans available from each provider. Depending on your needs, you may choose a Virtual Private Server (VPS) or some other kind of more complex service with wildly different costs and features.

Advantages and disadvantages of HostGator


.Unlimited disk space
.unlimited bandwidth
.Host unlimited domains (except hatchling plan)
.Unlimited MySQL databases
.CPanel interface
.Guarantee of failure-free operation at the level of 99.9%
.45-day money-back guarantee


.Longer customer service response times
.In the past, support has been uneven.
.Site performance has not always been the best in the past.
.Restoring from backups requires an additional fee.
.It is not the most economical option for business hosting.

Expert Opinion on HostGator

We’ve honed down on the features and functionality of HostGator’s basic and middle-tier plans because of the company’s low prices in the economy package tier.
After using HostGator for a number of months, we can attest to the fact that the service delivers on its promises of providing a user-friendly cPanel in addition to unlimited storage space and transfer.
However, we found that the service’s performance remained constant across all pricing tiers, meaning that your site can count on a high degree of uptime and lightning-fast page speeds regardless of whatever plan you choose. See whether you’re a good fit with HostGator by reading on:


This review has shown that HostGator Cloud is a good option.
It’s a solid choice for low- to medium-traffic websites in the United States.
The cloud infrastructure is incredibly reliable and fast, however the support is lacking. I’m curious in the standard shared hosting as well as the managed WordPress service the firm offers. Who knows, maybe we’ll start a series of HostGator critiques soon.
HostGator’s servers perform adequately, but only up to a certain point, even while under heavy use. The average response time increases significantly whenever more than 30 people are accessing your site at once. With so many visitors, it’s time to rethink your site’s tried-and-true methods.
Even after being purchased by EIG, HostGator remains among the industry’s top hosts. Smooth operations are guaranteed by a state-of-the-art server and network architecture, and newbies to hosting may learn a lot from an in-depth self-help center.

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