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Factor Meal Delivery Service: A 2023 Review

Fresh dishes are delivered to your door by the Factor service. While meal delivery services can simplify your efforts to eat healthily, they may be out of reach for those on a tighter budget.

According to the business, their product makes healthful living easier. Factor may help some people control their weight or health problems, despite the fact that food delivery services can be pricey.

This essay explores the benefits of using Factor and who might benefit from using it. The article goes on to talk about the food available on Factor’s selection, its possible health advantages, and other dinner delivery services.

Pros and cons


Ingredients used by the business are grass-fed and pasture-raised, meaning they contain no gluten, drugs, hormones, dairy, or genetically modified organisms.
There is no white sugar in the dishes.
Users of the service need only use their microwaves to prepare the food, making it a time-saving option.
Additional energy, munchies, and stews are available as add-ons for customers to buy.
The business provides meals at all three meals.
The takeout orders are packaged in reusable receptacles.
The business caters to customers who follow special diets like the ketogenic, meatless, and gluten-free ones.


It’s important for customers with dietary sensitivities to know that the kitchen is shared.
The service is more expensive than some alternatives.
Food orders can only be delivered within the 48 united states.
Vegetarians have few choices to choose from at this establishment.
The business does not have a lot of morning food choices.
Users will not gain any useful culinary knowledge from using the program.
Some dishes may have excessive salt content.

For whom is the Factor meal-delivery service intended?

If you want to eat healthy but are too occupied or lack cooking skills, you might benefit from the Factor food delivery service. The time and effort spent grocery buying, prepping, and cooking can be reduced with these dinners.

Paleo, gluten-free, and keto-friendly food options are available at Factor. However, those with celiac disease should know that there is a risk of cross-contamination with the gluten-free options on the menu.

The transportation schedule is listed as Monday through Wednesday, with specific times allotted per postal code. It also specifies that customers who are going to be gone during a delivery week can forego that delivery by giving a 4-week warning.

All those who work in the medical field, in the armed forces, in education, and in emergency services are eligible for a 15% reduction at Factor.

Options for preparation and consumption

The vendors that Factor says it works with provide only the best components and constantly innovate their methods of livestock husbandry. It makes clear that it does not partner with businesses that abuse animals.

According to the official Factor Foods website, all of their dishes are made with natural, non-GMO products.

The beef at Factor comes from grass-fed or pasture-raised livestock, and the eggs are antibiotic-free.

Lunches and suppers are considered factor meals. The business provides restricted morning options, in addition to munchies and beverages. The following are some choices that can be made:


  • low-carb cereal
  • Baked morning enchiladas
  • Scrambled eggs and bacon
  • blends and liquids

Bundles, such as those featuring morning foods, smoothies, and matched dinners, are also available.

Main course

  • chickpea curry
  • honey-mustard chicken
  • pesto salmon
  • harissa-braised chicken
  • jalapeño popper burger

Snacks and drinks

  • oven-roasted mahi mahi
  • vegan brownie energy bites
  • tropical fruit smoothie

Consider the price of various food plans.

The Factor food delivery service sets up meal arrangements depending on how many dishes a customer requests in a given week. All of Factor’s dishes are easily reheated in the microwave or stovetop.

Subscribers to Factor, no matter how many times per week they place an order, can narrow their food selection based on the following criteria:

Meals are completely meat-free for vegans and vegetarians.
All of the dishes here are healthy options with 550 calories or less.
Keto refers to a diet that is limited in carbohydrates but rich in fat.
A wide variety of diet, veggie, and calorie-conscious options are available in the chef’s choice section.

Factor administration

Factor ships to every state in the Union with the exception of Alaska and Hawaii.

It says that food stored in the refrigerator can be eaten within seven days.

If a customer wants to postpone a shipment, they can do so by editing their account settings. The deadline is usually a Wednesday at 11:59 p.m., so Factor suggests getting it done then. time zone center (CT).

Packaged factors

Insulated and reusable containers are used by Factor. It also transports food in sodium polyacrylate and saline water-filled refillable gel packets, which are safe for consumption more than once.

The instructions warn against flushing an ice bag down the commode or drain because the gel inside can harden and cause a blockage. One option is to give them to charities or groups like the Girl Scouts or a food store.

Furthermore, there is no bisphenol A in the food storage receptacles. Water jugs, tooth implants, and compact discs are just a few examples of the many goods that contain this substance.

Crystallizable polyethylene terephthalate vessels are used for packing the food. Plastics of this sort can be used for storing edible items without worry. This container can be heated in a microwave or oven.

Brand perception and consumer feedback

The internet reception to Factor has been mostly favorable. Based on evaluations from over 28,000 customers, Trustpilot gives the business 3.8 ratings. Sixty percent give it five ratings, while only seven percent give it one.

Most complaints relate to problems with customer support, like not being able to get answers to questions about credit card costs. People have complained that the service costs too much.

Many customers have complimented the business on the high quality and deliciousness of its meals. Those who have expressed a desire to consume healthier or who have adopted the ketogenic diet plan appear to be the happiest.


Keeping a healthy diet on a tight budget is possible without resorting to pricey subscription food services.

For instance, individuals can use numerous cost-free internet tools like MyPlate to prepare healthy foods for the week ahead of time. They can attempt to set aside an hour or two once a week to prepare, and then keep the dishes in the freezer or pantry.


Meals at Factor are prepared in accordance with the guidelines of a registered nutritionist.

Some people might find them appealing because they are health-conscious or because they want to control their weight. For those who are too occupied or lack the necessary culinary abilities, ready-made dishes can be a lifesaver.

However, the cost of food transportation services can add up quickly. For this reason, some people find it more convenient to either prepare in large quantities on the weekend and then consume them over the course of the week, or to schedule their meals for the week in advance.

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