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EnglishDom review : Best English language learning platform

1. What is EnglishDom?

Beginning operations in July 2007, EnglishDom is the world’s first and largest online English language learning platform. Our primary focus is on offering English lessons over Skype. We are now one of the top international schools and the market leader.
Trained educators staff our school.
Customers may be found all throughout the globe, but especially in Eastern Europe (Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, and Belarus) (China, South Korea, Germany, France and Spain).

2.1.Features of the Classroom

There is a wide range of opinions when it comes to the English language, so it’s important to dig into just what it is that this school plans to teach its pupils.
They claimed to have launched the next generation of online education establishments in their classrooms. Englishdom, a team of native English speakers, has been offering online lessons over Skype for seven years. It dominates this untapped market.

This school boasts that it is the first in all of the former Soviet Union to successfully integrate English classes with online classes and the same oral club over Skype.
More than 200 educators are now working for the online school “Inglishd” in the state. Over 50% of the class is taking use of Skype’s English instruction. Seven years later, after much effort, over 10,000 individuals can point to positive outcomes. Seventy percent of applicants said they decided to attend based on recommendations from people they knew, suggesting a very high standard of instruction.

Benefit of the school:

As compared to traditional offline language schools, English Language School’s online Skype-based instruction offers a number of clear benefits.
We’ve created a training program that can be adjusted to fit your schedule, so you may study English whenever and wherever you choose. There is no prerequisite for this course beyond access to reliable Internet. An ideal instructor who is a perfect match for your interests and personality will be chosen as part of the educational plan discussion. You may set up a different plan and talk about how strenuous the workouts will be.

To ensure the most effective and rapid English acquisition, we will appoint a curator to monitor the process. Only by taking a fresh look can English be achieved. The difficulties of locating and procuring relevant training resources have been addressed through the development of a digital platform. To help them retain the information they have learned, students may utilize a language club or take use of online simulators to test their proficiency.

Online English class revels in its conducive environment, much to the delight of both students and instructors. Many often claim that the most important aspect of using Skype to learn a new language is having fun. Everyone in the classroom proves to be a true professional who never lets students become bored. Individual classes, as opposed to class settings, may assist students quickly overcome their first language barrier and any personal obstacles they may be facing.

How would you rate the class so far?

Anyone interested in learning English may do so in a relaxed setting at Englishdom. As a result of these advancements, you won’t have to worry about being in an awkward setting while in class, won’t waste time waiting in traffic, and won’t have to travel far to find a qualified instructor.
All lessons are designed to be as fun and competitive as possible. The instructor can see the student’s progress in real time, including where they get stuck, what they do right, and what they get wrong. Since then, I’ve been able to swiftly adjust my method of study.

Most importantly, you’ll always have access to your own dictionary, assignments, and homework, and it’s common knowledge that the greatest approach to overcome a language barrier is to converse as often as possible. This is achieved via the efforts of the school’s dialogue club. Consolidating what you learn in class and making new acquaintances and connections with individuals from all over the nation are all possible thanks to online communities of students.

The club’s frequent meetings allow students of varying language skills to interact with one another.
An English language institute provides a comprehensive environment for students to learn the language. You may use an online grammar simulator, a mobile app to learn new words, video drills to improve your ear for a foreign language, and themed newsletters to learn about new topics like music, television shows, and cooking.

A user account on the site will provide you access to all the features with a single click. You’ll be able to access lessons whenever you choose, and your own personal curator will be on hand to answer any questions or assist with any issues. Individual classes with a trainer go for a full hour. You have the option of working with a native Russian speaker or with a tutor who speaks Russian. Using this method to learn is significantly more cost-effective than hiring a private tutor.

Staff Members in the Classroom Your instructor will be assigned to you after considering a number of variables. You may keep up the conversation with him by talking about things like travel, sporting events, or literature that interest both of you. It doesn’t matter whether the instructor is young and enthusiastic or calm and seasoned; it might be anybody from anywhere in the world.
When push comes to shove, he’ll either clench his fists around you or attempt to cheer you on at every turn.

Every educator is chosen after a rigorous three-step process. They all have prestigious degrees and certifications from top colleges, including as the DELTA and CELTA. Teachers must complete a two-week internship during which they are evaluated on their Skype teaching skills, the quality of their classes, and their ability to transport classroom materials.

Curriculum Varieties

The courses available via this virtual university are varied. The vast majority of them make advantage of the platform’s grammar and narrative games, debate subjects, innovative and cutting-edge technology.
The lecturers have boundless energy and charisma, and the teaching technique is based on a combination of materials from Cambridge and Oxford University, so you can expect to be continually motivated by the progress you make week after week.

Almost ten distinct programs are available at this institution. Here is the place to start if you want to master the basics of the English language. English as a second language is also included. Express yourself with assurance and clarity no matter the context with “English for advanced individuals,” “Intermediate level,” “English for youngsters,” “Preparation for tests,” and “Business English,” designed to educate workers about a particular business. Each course is built to accommodate 50 students.
Both “EGE in English” and “Preparing for IELTS” are 30-lesson programs.

The “English with a Carrier” course teaches you to speak fluently and confidently in 20 lessons; “Business English” prepares you for an interview or complex business negotiations with English-speaking colleagues; “English for IT Specialists,” “English on the Go,” and “Specialist” allow you to select a representative from any field in which you wish to work (from information technology to marketing).

More Benefits for Financial Transactions

If you want to take 50 separate classes, the price each class will be 590 rubles. Each lesson beyond the first five will cost 790 rubles, the next 10 will cost 750 rubles, and the next twenty will cost 690 rubles. The institution’s digital advocacy initiative. Students who are just starting out will get two free lessons to help them get off to a flying start.

If you sign up with a buddy, you’ll both get two free classes, and at the conclusion of the course, you may save 10% as a family. Since the school’s faculty and student body are in constant touch with one another from their respective homes, the institution saves money on rent and utilities by not having to maintain physical classrooms. This has the same effect on the price of English classes as distance learning programs.

In addition, the corporation does not include in payment system commission when calculating employee wages. Class fees may be charged to a student’s individual account. The curator arranges the schedule and the instructor will begin prepping you for the first class right away. Credit cards, self-service kiosks, and internet banking are all acceptable methods of payment for tuition.

It’s important to know if the firm will give back the money if the student drops out. The only catch is that the package deal price reduction will be nullified if it has already been applied to a payment.
If you need to cancel a class, you need to let your instructor know at least 12 hours in advance. The funds will not be carried over to the next scheduled class in this scenario.
Anybody may submit an inquiry for a free trial session, during which the school’s methodologist will provide information about the institution’s online offerings, help the student determine his or her current skill level, and recommend an appropriate course of study.

Feedback from the Staff

A big number of educators are now employed by online education providers; by hearing how they feel about the English language from their coworkers, you may get a sense of the culture there.
Professors have observed that this rate is modest in the outset and rises only after a full year has passed. A first-year educator typically teaches one hundred students in such time. What matters most is choosing to engage with pupils who have a genuine need for and enthusiasm in learning English. In every situation, curators can count on having their backs covered.

Other evaluations include employees’ honest admissions that they enjoyed working for the firm because its management fostered an environment similar to a family, in which employees could take pride in their job. The training platform is as intuitive as it gets; it was designed by methodologists to help you consolidate what you’ve learnt in terms of grammar and vocabulary.
Role-playing games and discussions where students get to choose the themes are invaluable to their growth. With the school’s commitment to innovation, instructors are given the rare chance to improve their own language skills by participating in discussion groups with native speakers. Every day, employees gather to address any methodological concerns they may have.

Negative reviews

Yet, many workers have unfavorable attitudes about the English language. A lot of people still aren’t happy with how the timetable works out, especially when they have to get up at seven in the morning to get ready for courses that don’t start until later. It’s also not possible for everyone to work 100 hours every month, even if they’re willing to put in extra time on weekends and holidays when their coworkers would rather unwind.
Low-rated methodological meetings twice a week. They seem to provide nothing of value and instead steal time that might be spent with loved ones.


According to student reviews, Englishdom has been designed with simplicity and accessibility in mind. I really appreciate instructors that take the time to get to know their students and their unique needs so they can effectively address those issues.

User testimonials on English have shown that many appreciate the option to switch instructors. Since many educators enter the field with a wealth of knowledge but no background in education.
Those who take English Studies classes at this institution often express gratitude for the education they obtain. The benefits include having access to a digital textbook at your fingertips, saving money, not having to physically attend class, and picking your own preferred instructor. Several reviewers for Inglish have commented on how much more comfortable and relaxed they felt while using the service, how quickly they picked up the language, and how quickly they were able to apply what they had learned.

The platform’s UI is elegant and simple to use. It’s great that every student may get a customized learning experience that takes into consideration their own goals, interests, and language proficiency. As it grows, you can easily keep tabs on it thanks to the regularly updated data. Each pupil progresses to a higher level as they complete objectives. Many resources are available without charge in the workouts.


The majority of students who responded that they were taking English lessons agreed that scheduling nighttime sessions was difficult. Some students must deal with instructors who aren’t professionally certified and who don’t do much beyond lesson planning.
On top of that, curators don’t always do what’s best for pupils when it comes to picking a teacher who can explain himself to them. If a student requests a tough lady with in-depth subject knowledge, for instance, a shy little girl who is unwilling to volunteer for such a role may be nominated in her place.

What is Skype so useful for English study?

Private exercise regimen
Skype makes it possible to study English whenever and anywhere you want. The sole need for education is access to the Internet. To ensure you have the best possible experience learning English, we will carefully match you with a qualified instructor who is a good fit for your personality and interests, as well as establish a study plan and determine the level of difficulty for your lessons.

new ways of doing things
The hassle of finding and purchasing textbooks is eliminated entirely by this digital platform. You can find all the resources for learning English right here on our site. Conversation clubs and online simulators are great ways to put what you learn in your Skype classes into practice and take your speaking skills to the next level.

An ideal setting
The process of learning English using Skype is enjoyable. Our instructors are true experts in their fields, and the engaging nature of our classes will ensure that you never get bored. One of the advantages of taking private Skype sessions rather than enrolling in a group course is that you may rapidly get over your hesitation while speaking English.

Pros and Cons of the Internet

One of the most important developments of the 20th century was the advent of the Internet. The point is that its invention and widespread use have revolutionized our way of life. It altered methods of interaction, education, information gathering, and even thought itself. However, in the end, are all these changes for the better?

More chances, some of which had been impossible before, were available as a result. With the development of the internet, it is now possible to communicate with individuals from all over the globe. We may now communicate with far-flung friends and family members, as well as negotiate contracts with customers and partners in other time zones.
We also have unrestricted access to any and all forms of knowledge, which is a huge boon to learning and growth.

The question is, however, whether we will really take use of all these benefits. Unrestricted access to data might be seen as a negative since it demotivates individuals to learn new things. Also, it is no longer prized to have knowledge that is freely available to everyone. Most teens I know spend their leisure time aimlessly clicking about on the internet and conversing with their peers.
They no longer see one other often and spend too little time in natural environments. Unfortunately, many people develop an addiction to the Internet.

Wherever you turn, you’ll hear people complaining about how the Internet is destroying their life.
In my opinion, there are several benefits and new possibilities made available by the advent of the Internet. But, we need to keep our guard up and avoid dependency.

The Role of the Online ESL Instructor

Individual classes with an instructor are advised to occur twice or thrice a week for 50 minute classes.
Instructor and natural Russian speaker

Our highly-motivated student body is a joy for teachers to instruct.
Constant labor for a high pay
Adjustable timetable
Backing for Methods
Instructional Costs and Tuition

If you are a natural English speaker, our pupils will love you.
You have some background in the classroom.

You’re looking to grow personally and professionally.
You’re equipped with a camera, a microphone, and a dependable headset.
$50 for 50 minutes of instruction costs between $10 and $12. There is a bonus structure as well. How many sessions you teach each month and how long your students remain with you are the two biggest factors in determining your monthly revenue.
A foreign educator may expect to earn a salary of $ 3 to $ 5.5 per hour.

Final Thoughts:

Educators in the English-speaking world use cutting-edge tools to improve their craft and invigorate their pupils.
It’s tough to get started on a challenging project, but it’s much more crucial that you complete it successfully.
There is a tangible effect of studying English online. Although it may be daunting to begin learning a new language, what could possibly be so great about finishing a conversation course, for instance? The same holds true for your presentation; the final ten to fifteen minutes are where you really want to hook your audience.

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