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Constant Contact mail marketing review 2023

Constant Contact is an industry-standard platform for creating and distributing high-quality email marketing campaigns. Only a few of its distinguishing characteristics are as follows:

Newsletter and template customization with drag-and-drop interface
Email performance optimization using A/B testing
Tools for organizing and categorizing contacts
Connectivity to well-known online marketplaces and social media
Analysis and enhancement of mobile performance
Support for customers around-the-clock
Constant Contact has received overwhelmingly positive reviews from its clientele, who praise its straightforward design and powerful functionality. Yet, when compared to similar services, its price may seem expensive to certain customers.
This is Why Constant Contact is the Best Option for Local Companies

Some of the many reasons why Constant Contact is the greatest choice for local companies are as follows.

The pre-designed themes and drag-and-drop email builder make it simple for SMBs to develop and distribute email campaigns with a professional appearance.
Constant Contact’s robust features make it easy for small businesses to reach and engage their intended audience via email marketing, e-commerce, and social media. Features such as contact management, segmentation, A/B testing, and integration with e-commerce platforms and social media are among those offered.
Sending an email through Constant Contact guarantees that your message will look excellent on any device.

Help for users:

Constant Contact’s phone, chat, and email support services are available around the clock, seven days a week, allowing company owners to rest easy.
While some customers may find Constant Contact’s rates to be on the expensive side, the product is still well within the budget of most small companies, particularly in light of the extensive set of features and the reliable help desk available to them.
Overall, Constant Contact is a great option for small companies seeking a complete email marketing solution due to its intuitive design, extensive functionality, mobile optimization, and helpful customer care.

Always-On Connectivity Options

Businesses may take use of Constant Contact’s many tools for designing and sending polished email marketing campaigns:

Email templates may be modified using the drag-and-drop email builder, and newsletters can be made quickly.
By using split-testing software, you may compare the results of two versions of an email to see which one gets the best response.
Contact management is keeping track of your contacts, classifying them into subsets so you can send targeted messages to certain groups, and more.
In order to simplify your advertising efforts, it is advisable to integrate with well-known e-commerce and social media platforms.
Emails are designed for mobile devices, so your campaigns will look beautiful no matter where your readers access their inboxes.
Reports and analytics Let you to track the performance of your email marketing efforts.
Support is available by phone, chat, and email every minute of every day.
As a result of these additions, Constant Contact is a complete email marketing solution for companies of all sizes.

Handling Lists

List administration, or the act of organizing, administering, and maintaining an email address list for the purpose of sending campaigns, is a crucial part of email marketing.

The following are some of the list management tools offered by Constant Contact:

You can easily import your current list of contacts from services like Excel and Google.
You may target certain groups with tailored campaigns by dividing your contact list into subsets based on characteristics like geography, hobbies, and actions.
Registration Sheets If you want to expand your mailing list, you may do it by using sign-up forms posted on your website or social media profiles.
List growth tools: Use email forwarding and social media sharing, two of Constant Contact’s list growth tools, to reach a wider audience.
Automatic list cleaning tools that get rid of incorrect or bounced email addresses will help you maintain an accurate and up-to-date mailing list.
With the aid of these list management tools, you can keep your email list neat and tidy, send targeted, tailored campaigns, and expand your following organically over time.

Hypothesis Testing with Two Groups

In order to identify which version of a campaign is more successful, you may use A/B split testing, often known as A/B testing or split testing.

Email marketing A/B testing may be used to compare two versions of an email in terms of the subject line, design, CTA, and more. Businesses may improve their email marketing by comparing the success of two versions of a campaign to see which one is more well-received by their target demographic.

To assist organizations find the sweet spot for their email marketing efforts, Constant Contact offers A/B testing options. Constant Contact makes it simple for companies to build and test variants of a campaign, monitor their performance, and adopt the most successful variant going forward.

Businesses who want to boost the success of their email marketing and reader participation should use A/B testing.


Email autoresponders are sent out when a user does some kind of predetermined action, such signing up for a newsletter or making a purchase. By automating the sending of emails to subscribers at regular intervals, they assist companies save time and effort in their email marketing operations while also improving the service they give to their subscribers.

Businesses may automate their email marketing efforts with the help of the autoresponder features offered by Constant Contact. When you sign up for Constant Contact’s autoresponder service, you’ll have access to options like:

Initiate a sequence of automatic emails to be sent to new subscribers as soon as they sign up.
In the event that a consumer abandons their shopping cart, they should be contacted immediately.
You may set up an automated system to send birthday and anniversary wishes to your subscribers.
Lead nurturing is sending prospective clients a predetermined sequence of automated emails designed to inform and reassure them.
Automatically notify your subscribers of any new items or events.

Autoresponders help organizations save time and improve the quality of the subscriber experience in their email marketing campaigns.


Reporting is an important component of email marketing since it allows firms to see how successful their efforts have been. To assist organizations keep tabs on and enhance the performance of their email marketing efforts, Constant Contact offers comprehensive reporting and analytics.

Constant Contact provides access to several types of reporting, such as:

Measure the success of your campaigns by keeping tabs on your open, click-through, and bounce rates.
Track the openings, clicks, and transactions made by each contact individually.
With the help of the “heat map” function, you can see exactly where your email recipients are clicking.
Evaluate long-term changes in email use to spot patterns and guide strategic planning for future


You can monitor the efficacy of your email marketing by keeping tabs on the money brought in by individual campaigns.
Thanks to these analytic tools, organizations can get a bird’s-eye view of how effective their email marketing campaigns have been, pinpoint problem areas, and fine-tune their strategies for optimal results.

Overview of Constant Contact’s Fee Structure

Constant Contact has many different price tiers to accommodate companies of all sizes. Constant Contact’s rates are determined on the size of your email list and the specific tools you need.

Constant Contact’s standard rate structures are as follows:

Up to 500 email addresses are included in the base $20 monthly fee. The essentials of email marketing are covered in this strategy.
Up to 500 contacts in Email Plus are included in the base monthly fee of $45, with additional contacts costing $5 each. This package comes with powerful email marketing tools including automated campaigns, split testing, and comprehensive analytics.
Online storefronts begin at $45/month for up to 500 connections, with additional contacts costing more. This package is perfect for e-commerce sites, since it provides tools like recovering items from abandoned carts and recommending related items.
Constant Contact provides flexible price options that may be modified to match the demands of companies of any size or industry, whether those organizations have a small number of customers or a very big email list.
Constant Contact offers a free 60-day trial on all of their programs along with round-the-clock assistance. A discount is offered for yearly payments, and businesses have the option of paying monthly or annually.

Businesses should check with Constant Contact to confirm the most up-to-date pricing and plan information.

Technical Support for Constant Contact

With Constant Contact, companies can get assistance with their email marketing efforts whenever they need it, thanks to their round-the-clock customer service. To maximize the effectiveness of its customers’ email marketing campaigns, the firm provides a number of tools, such as:

Clients may reach the support staff through phone in case they have any inquiries or problems.
Consumers may get instant help from a support professional by using the live chat feature.
Articles and lessons on using Constant Contact and fixing common difficulties may be found in the knowledge base.
The video guides will show you how to utilize Constant Contact in a straightforward manner.
The community forum allows users of Constant Contact to talk to one another and share useful information and advice.

Constant Contact is dedicated to helping companies thrive via email marketing by offering exceptional customer service and tools. Several consumers have given the company’s customer care service high marks, complimenting their quick responses and useful advice.

General Worthiness

Constant Contact is a popular email marketing service because it offers several tools and resources to assist companies maximize their email marketing operations. The platform is accessible to individuals with a low level of technical expertise and offers flexible price tiers to accommodate a wide range of company requirements.

Constant Contact is a great alternative for small companies since it provides a lot of bang for the buck. Email marketing capabilities like as design, automation, A/B testing, reporting, and more are all available inside the platform. Constant Contact’s great customer care and resources are also beneficial to companies.

There have been complaints from some customers that the platform is sluggish and not as user-friendly as competing email marketing software. In addition, companies with extensive email lists may discover that the price options provided by Constant Contact may not meet their requirements.

Constant Contact is a terrific choice for small companies because it is cost-effective, has a low learning curve, and is simple to use. It also has a robust feature set and offers top-notch customer service.

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