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Best Regus virtual office review 2023

With Regus’ virtual office service, clients are given a virtual postal address, phone number, and administrative support staff.

Customers have mostly been pleased with Regus virtual office, complimenting its reliability and ease of use. The advantages that are most often cited include:

Possibility of using a reputable company’s address for receiving mail and parcels
Answering and routing calls professionally is our specialty. The option to set up a virtual office anywhere you choose, without really having to go there.
Expense-saving replacement for the conventional workplace
Nonetheless, there have been complaints from a subset of consumers about the quality of support and the virtual office services they have received.

In general, opinions on Regus virtual office are divided, with some users praising the service for its usefulness in meeting their businesses’ demands while others have had negative encounters.

Feedback From Regus Virtual Office Users

For more information about Regus’s online office space, read the following testimonials from satisfied clients:

Excellent remarks:

My experience with Regus’s virtual office services over the last several months has been excellent. The support staff has been wonderful and responsive to all of my questions and requests.
The advent of the virtual office was a turning point for my company. Without the expense of renting an actual office space, I can now use a prominent mailing address and phone number.
I’ve had nothing but excellent experiences with Regus’s administrative staff. My mail and shipments are always handled promptly and expertly by them.

Critiques that are less than positive:

A problem has arisen with the phone answering service for me. Sometimes, my calls are diverted to voicemail, and I don’t get the message until much later.
“When I have questions, customer support may be sluggish to answer and not very helpful.”
Although the concept of a virtual office is appealing, I have been disappointed by the actual services provided. It’s as if I’m paying for something I’m not getting.
Please keep in mind that these are only samples, and that your own experience may differ. It’s possible that some consumers had pleasant encounters, while others had less than ideal ones.

Just why do they only have 1 star?

Costly Cover-Ups!! Definitely not a company you want to sign up with.

Regus virtual office may have received low ratings from certain consumers because of the company’s sneaky costs. Regus is one of several virtual office companies that could charge hidden costs for extras like mail forwarding and phone answering.

When clients are charged for extra services they did not authorize, they may feel duped or irritated. When joining up for any virtual office service, including Regus, make sure you thoroughly understand the terms and conditions.

Before making a final choice, it is also wise to learn as much as possible about the company’s history and the opinions of previous clients via testimonials and research.

Brief Description of the Company

Regus is a global corporation that offers a variety of office and meeting space options, as well as virtual office solutions. Its headquarters are in Zug, Switzerland, and it was established in 1989.

Regus’s global footprint spans more than 3,000 sites in 120 countries, where it provides offices and other workplace solutions tailored to individual clients’ requirements and budgets. In addition to a respectable business address, a phone number, and administrative assistance, the company’s virtual office services also eliminate the need for a real office.

Regus’s goal is to make individuals more productive at work while giving companies the adaptability they need to thrive in today’s dynamic and competitive business environment. The firm has become one of the biggest and most reputable suppliers of flexible workspace in the world because to its dedication to innovation and technology.

What’s the point of coming here?

These are a few arguments in favor of being a Regus member:

Whether you require a traditional office, a virtual office, or a conference room, Regus can accommodate your needs with a range of flexible workplace alternatives.
Since Regus has sites in more than 3,000 cities across 120 countries, it’s simple to select a workplace that’s local to your company’s customers, partners, and workers.
Regus’s superior office space and phone number can make your company seem more established and set you apart from the competition. Joining Regus may save you money compared to establishing a conventional office since you only pay for the services you use.

Developing your professional network is an essential part of expanding your company, and Regus can help you do just that. Having Regus’s administrative and concierge services on your side might let you relax knowing that your mail and shipments will be handled with care.
On the whole, being a Regus member may provide you the leeway, convenience, professionalism, and assistance you need to expand your firm.

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